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Can I create custom recognition badges for my company?

Preciate Recognition admins can create custom badges to reflect their brand and core values.

Recognition badges are the most prominent element of a recognition, and you can create your own badges to reflect your company's brand and core values.

For more information on the difference between badges and stickers check out this article.  When you create custom badges, they'll be displayed for everyone in your company to use when giving recognition. 


Many companies want to provide their own artwork for their badges; however, you can also choose to use Preciate's existing badge artwork and customize the names and descriptions. In this article, we'll show you how to create a custom badge, whether you're uploading your own artwork or choosing from Preciate's existing badge artwork.


How to Create Custom Recognition Badges

  1. Go to your organization’s  Admin Portal

    logging into admin portal
  2. On the left side panel in the admin portal, click on the “Badges” tab

  3. Click the button that says “Custom” to open up the Badge Editor
    custom badge link
  4. If you would like to add custom badge artwork, click on the eagle icon to upload your artwork and then fill out the information for your custom badge (for more information on custom badge specifications, click here to skip ahead).
    If you would like to choose your artwork from the available Preciate badges, click the “Preciate Artwork” button, and choose the badge you would like to customize.

    recognition.preciate artwork
  5. Customize your badge name and description, and specify which primary value the badge falls under (i.e. Hard Work, Excellence, etc.). Then click “Add Badge” to complete the process and add your custom badge to the system.

    select badge

    Now that you've uploaded your custom badge(s) to your list of available badges, continue on to create a badge set using your new badges. For more information on how to create a badge set, check out this article



Custom Badge Specifications

Please provide the following when creating your custom badge artwork:

  • Badge Image
    • Size: 1920 pixels by 1920 pixels
    • Format: png
  • Badge Name 
    • Some examples for inspiration are: Always On Target, Going The Distance, Striving To Learn
  • Badge Description
    • The description is displayed in the detail of the recognition and should be a couple sentences or phrase.
    • Some examples for inspiration are: "Their precision and accuracy allows them to glide with ease through turbulence. With an eagle eye for details and a knack for process, their work ethic elevates any initiative." and "They always shed light on the path to win. When they drop knowledge, others eagerly pick it up."

We've provided some examples from our existing badges for the Name and Description above, but you can choose whatever you want as long as it's something. You cannot leave a Name or Description blank.

  • Badge Color
    • This should be a hex color code and follow the format: #81B7E2 and should contrast well against white
    • The badge color is displayed at various places throughout the platform such as the Creator where users select a badge, the activity feed, and the portrait.

Once you've created your artwork and decided on the information above, upload your custom badge through the Badges page in your organization's admin portal (check out the instructions above). If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at support@preciate.com.