Can you have multiple Admins of your company's Preciate account?

Yes, your company can have multiple Admins.

Your company can have as many admins as it wants to add to its account. Once someone has claimed the original administration role, that first admin can update as many users on the team as they want to have Admin permissions.

Navigate to the admin portal

Click the profile icon in the upper right corner and select your company's Admin portal from the dropdown menu.

company admin dropdown menu preciate-1

Make sure you're in the Members & Admin section. This is where you can see lists of registered members (those who have signed up with your company) and pending invites. 

members&admin tab of admin portal

Manage member roles

To turn a registered member into an additional admin, select "Admin" from the Member Role dropdown next to their name.

member role selection - admin or standard team member

They will now have permission to see and make changes to the company Admin portal.