What happens to my recognitions if I change companies?

With Preciate, you can take your recognitions with you to the next company you work for. Your recognitions received at the previous company will always be associated with that company.

With most recognition systems, when you leave your company, the recognitions you received with your company's system will stay behind. Preciate's recognition platform allows for every user to take their recognitions with them wherever they go. Even if your company is using Preciate+, the paid subscription for companies, departing employees can continue using their account for free forever.

The recognitions you gave and received with your previous company will remain associated with that company on your Portrait. And when you start a new position at a different company, make sure to update the company name in your account settings so all future recognitions will be associated with the correct company.


If your previous company had privacy settings enabled, your recognition content will not be available with your free account, but you can continue to use Preciate as a free member.