Does Preciate support single sign-on (SSO)?

Preciate supports sign in with Apple, Google, and Microsoft, but does not support traditional single sign-on.

With traditional single sign-on, users are signed into applications when they log into their computers. While Preciate does not support single sign-in, our application effectively provides the same experience by letting users sign up for Preciate with the click of a button. This allows for authentication through the third party provider. In Preciate's case, we offer effortless sign in with Apple, Google, or Microsoft logins. 

We provide a this sign in option in all of our applications (web, mobile, Microsoft Teams, and Slack). If you are signing up for a Preciate account, the sign up card will look like the image below with easy sign in options highlighted in red.

Untitled design (10)

The best option for sign in depends on how you are using Preciate. If you are part of a company using Preciate as an employee recognition system, you will want to sign in with the provider associated with your work email address