Does Preciate support single sign-on (SSO)?

Preciate supports sign in with Apple, Google, and Microsoft, but does not support traditional single sign-on.

With traditional single sign-on, users are signed into applications when they log into their computers. While Preciate does not support single sign-in, our application effectively provides the same experience by letting users sign up for Preciate with the click of a button. This allows for authentication through the third party provider. In Preciate's case, we offer effortless sign in with Apple, Google, or Microsoft logins. 

We provide a this sign in option in all of our applications (web, mobile, Microsoft Teams, and Slack). If you are signing up for a Preciate account, the sign up card will look like the image below with easy sign in options highlighted in red.

Screen Shot 2022-09-01 at 2.12.29 PM

The best option for sign in depends on how you are using Preciate. If you are part of a company using Preciate as an employee recognition system, you will want to sign in with the provider associated with your work email address