How can I add stickers to a recognition in Slack?

You can add stickers to any recognition by clicking "Add a Sticker" in the overflow menu of a recognition message.

Every recognition message that is posted in the public channel has an overflow menu with the options to "Give a Recognition" and "Add a Sticker." 


When you want to add a sticker to a particular recognition, click the three dots in the upper right corner of the recognition. When the drop down menu opens, click "Add a Sticker." The Preciate app will send a pop up window displaying the sticker packs you can choose from.


Sticker Packs

If you are a Premium member, your custom Core Value stickers will be displayed at the top as indicated in the example image above.


Click "Choose" to select a sticker pack. You'll then be presented with a list of the stickers from that pack. When you found one you like, click "Choose" and wait for the button to update before clicking "Add Sticker."

Frame 84-1

Once you click "Add Sticker," the window will close and the recognition message will update, showing the sticker that you selected.


Frame 84