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How do I claim the role as Admin of my company's Preciate account?

After your company has been added to your account, you can claim the Administrator Role on your company Admin page or by starting a free trial.

Start by logging in to your Preciate account on the web. 

Make sure you have added your company to your profile information. If you are the first person to sign up from your company, you'll have to request your company to be added to Preciate. We will email you once it has been verified and added.

Method 1: Company Admin Page

To claim the Administrator Role on your company Admin page, click your profile icon in the upper right corner of the page to pull up the dropdown menu. Select your company Admin tab.

company admin dropdown menu preciate

Then, make sure you're on the Members & Admin page.

members&admin in admin portal menu

If you're in the right place, your screen will look something like this. Click the "Claim" button to become the first person with admin privileges at your company. You will be able to make other team members Admins later.

claim the administration role in admin portal-1