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How do I create badge sets for my company's Preciate account?

Create your own badge set in the Badge page of the Admin portal. This article walks you through the steps.

Navigate to the badge tab in the Admin portal

First, click on the profile icon in the upper right corner of preciate.org and select "Your Company Name Admin" from the dropdown menu. 

company admin dropdown menu preciate-1Then, click on "Badges" in the Admin portal menu to pull up the badge selection page. 

badge page in admin portal

Choose your badges

Preciate has 27 core badges for you to choose from. Go through the list and click to select between 6 and 14 badges for your company's use. You can always go back and make changes to these selections, so don't worry too much. When you're satisfied, click "Next."

next page on badge selector admin portal

Try to pick badges that fit with your company culture and core values. Also, try to come up with a balance of badges that correspond with cognitive culture and emotional culture. To learn more about the difference, check out this article.

Choose the badge name set and sort order

Preciate has put together six different badge name sets for you to choose from. 

  • Core
  • Default
  • Delight
  • Energy
  • Harmony
  • Phase

Each name set has a different feel to it, and some with fit better with your particular company or team culture than others. 

Click through the tabs to see the different name sets. Now is also the time to change around the sort order of the badges. This will affect the order they show up in while members are creating recognitions. To move a badge into a different place, simply drag and drop it where you want it.

When you're satisfied with the name set and sort order, go ahead and click "Save."

save badge name set in admin portal

Make changes as desired

At any point, you can go back and make changes to your badge selections. Click "New" and you will be taken back to beginning of the process (choosing your badges).

new badge name set decision in admin portal