How do I find reports of my company's Preciate data?

To get access to reports, you will need to become an Admin of your company's Preciate account. Then, navigate to the Reports section of the Admin portal.

The only people who can see their company's reporting suite are company Admins. You can become a company Admin by starting a free trial, purchasing Preciate+ or Premium, or being assigned as an additional Admin at your company. 

If you are a company Admin, you can navigate to the reports sections of the Admin portal. Start by clicking the profile icon in the upper right corner of the web app to open the dropdown menu. Then, select the option with your company name and "Admin."

company admin dropdown menu preciate-1

From the Admin portal, select "Reports" in the left-hand menu.

reports in admin portal menu

After a few seconds of loading, you will be able to see the first page of the reporting suite. Navigate to the different reports by clicking through the tabs at the top (Leaderboard, Individual Activity, Core Values, and User Management).

For a more detailed guide of Preciate's reports, check out this article.

reports for admins