How do I host a Preciate Social?

Host a Preciate Social by creating your event, inviting people to attend, and attending the social yourself.

To host a Preciate Social, you'll need to have permission to do so. This means your company must be a Preciate client and you have been given individual access to hosting Socials. 

Then, navigate to the main Social page on Preciate's web app.

Creating the Social

Start out by determining the host settings and creating your event. Give the Social a name and description. Then, choose a theme, a music playlist, and your desired join settings. 

If you want to start the Social right away, click "Start." Otherwise, click "Save" and come back to the main Social page when you are ready to start.

Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 6.58.17 AM

Inviting People to the Social

You can invite people to your Preciate Social before or during the event. Either way, the method for inviting people is simple: copy the link and share it in whatever ways you want. Some people may choose to email the link to their invitees, and others may decide to paste it in their Google Calendar invitation. 

Keep in mind that the join settings you determined while creating the Social will affect who will be able to actually join. You can send anyone the link, but only those who have permission can enter.

Screen Shot 2020-06-01 at 1.23.17 PM

Starting the Social

When the Social is scheduled to start, navigate back to the main Social page on Preciate's web app. Then, click the "Start Your Social" button next to your event. 1

This will send you into the waiting room. Once you have your audio and video set, click "Start Social." Then, the people you have invited will be able to enter the Social as well. 

start social button in waiting room

Ending the Social

As the host, you have two options when you go to leave the Social. If the Social is over entirely, then you can go ahead and end the Social for everyone. Alternatively, you can leave the Social open for the remaining attendees to enjoy after you leave.

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If a Social is left open, it will automatically end after one hour.