How do I invite my team members to Preciate?

To invite team members from the Admin portal, enter their names and email addresses.

Navigate to the admin portal

To invite team members to join Preciate as a part of your company, invite them from the admin portal. If you claimed the role as admin or have been assigned an admin role, access the portal by clicking your profile icon in the upper right corner and selecting the Admin tab.

company admin dropdown menu preciate

Then, make sure you're in the Members & Admin tab. This is where you can see and manage all the members of your Preciate subscription, their roles, and pending invitations.

members&admin tab of admin portal

Invite team members

Start by clicking the "Invite" button above the list of existing members.

invite team member button - admin portal


Type the invitee's first and last name as well as their work email address. When you've confirmed the information is correct, click "Invite."

invite member card

They will remain on the Pending Invites list until they sign up for a Preciate account, at which point they will move over to the Registered Members list. 

As a security measure you can only invite people to join your company who have the same email domain as your company. This also prevents someone from joining your company unless they have a verified email address that matches your company domain.