How do I join a Preciate Social?

Join a Preciate Social by clicking a link and logging in to Preciate. You can also join by clicking the "Join Social" button next to the Social.

When it's time for the Social, click the link that was shared with you. 

If you have been sent a link to a Preciate Social but you do not have a Preciate account, you will need to create one in order to attend the Social. This can be done quickly at the time you want to join the Social. 

Then, go ahead and log in to your Preciate account. You will be sent to the waiting room where you can verify your audio and video are working properly. If the host has not yet started the Social, the button will be greyed out and say "Waiting for Host."

Screen Shot 2020-06-01 at 3.01.01 PM

Once the host has started the Social, click "Join Social" to enter.

join social from waiting room


You can also enter a social from the main social page in Preciate's web app. This method may be most convenient if you already have Preciate open and know that a Social you have access to is about to happen or actively happening. Any social you have access to (according to the join settings) or are hosting will be listed on this page. 

To join a Social, click the "Join Social" button next to its name. This will open a waiting room where you can join once the Social has begun, as described and pictured above.

join social button for preciate social