How do I launch Preciate Recognition?

Follow these steps to ensure a successful launch of Preciate Premium at your organization.

Creating and launching a successful recognition program can be a daunting and challenging task even for the most seasoned professionals. That's why we've put together this guide that walks through the steps from configuring Preciate for your culture all the way through launch and leveraging reports for insights. The main sections include:

  1. Kick off
  2. Build Your Base
  3. Launch
  4. Evaluate, Adjust, and Leverage

Click here to download a 5-step Launch Guide

Kick Off

Congratulations! You've just made the decision to prioritize building stronger relationships among your organization and in turn building a stronger culture through peer to peer recognition. This is also likely the culmination of months of research, committee meetings, and demos that may even have left you feeling like your head is still spinning. Take a deep breath and let it out. The hard part is over, and we're so excited to have you joining our community. Since it may have been a while, the first step is reacquaint yourself with Preciate's features.


1. Learn how Preciate will work and interact with your users

Preciate has been designed to fit seamlessly with your organization and help increase adoption and engagement. Review the articles below to understand how Preciate will interact with your users as well as unique aspects about Preciate.


2. Configure your settings

In the admin portal, there are company settings for both the Portrait and the activity feed. These settings address privacy as well as the types of information that appears in the activity feed. Please refer to our article on the activity feed and company portraits for specific information related to each one.


3. Customize your Portrait

As a Premium member, you are able to customize your company Portrait. This lets you add a logo, cover photo, and description to personalize your brand. For inspiration, check out the Preciate Portrait, and for a how to guide refer to this article which walks through customizing a Portrait.



4. Determine your Locations, Departments, and Teams

One of the advantages of launching Premium vs Preciate+ is the addition of Locations, Departments, and Teams. Premium members have the ability to map their users to each of these areas providing valuable insight into how recognition flows between these different dimensions. Within reporting, you'll be able to view your data across these dimensions. Refer to the articles below on how you should set up your Locations, Departments, and Teams.


Build Your Base

Now that you have a solid understanding of how Preciate will work with your users and have done your initial configuration, the next phase focuses on building a base of support and confidence in using Preciate. 


1. Identify Culture Champions

The most successful customers using Preciate always start with a core of 5 to 15 Culture Champions. These individuals are key in taking an active role within your organization's culture, advocating for your recognition program, and becoming Preciate super users. Throughout each of the following steps, include these Champions, as defining your culture together is a great way to ensure the program resonates with your users and it's also more fun.


When choosing Champions be sure to select individuals who are committed to helping you launch and support your recognition program. 


2. Select Your Badges

Premium users have the ability to select the badges that their users will see when giving recognition as well as the added benefit of completely customizing their badges. This can include changing the names of our badges or entirely different artwork that you provide. In either case, we recommend selecting and/or creating these badges as a group so that your Preciate experience truly reflects the culture of your organization. Check out the articles below for how-tos and more information related to our position on using badges to promote your organization's Emotional and Cognitive Culture.


Premium users can also designate certain badges for nominations, and then approve or reject member nominations in their admin portal. To designate custom badges to be used for nominations, please reach out to Then check out the articles below for more information on how to approve/reject and give nominations.


3. Create Your Stickers

As a Recognition member, you can create custom stickers for your users. These stickers will be available within the Creator and from the Activity Feed. Stickers provide a great way to let users interact with each others' recognitions even if they didn't give the recognition. Check out this article to learn about creating a custom sticker. 

Custom stickers can be tagged and tracked with reporting.

If you're not artistically inclined, this is a great way to include other people in the process from the marketing department or people who excel at graphic design.


4. Invite your Culture Champions to Preciate

Now that you've picked your badges and decided on your stickers, it's time to invite your Culture Champions. You can invite users to Preciate from your admin portal. With just a small group, the easiest way to get going is using the Invite button on the Members and Admin page. Reference this article for steps on inviting users to Preciate.


5. Use Preciate with your Culture Champions

With your Champions signed up, spend at least one to two weeks using Preciate with each other. Not only is this fun and helps you build stronger relationships, it's valuable time spent growing confident with our platform. This step is one of the most critical ones you'll take along this process as it serves multiple purposes. For one, you'll see Preciate in action and understand exactly how the badges you've selected, stickers you've created, and settings you've configured will all work together. You'll see what emails are sent when you receive a recognition or are asked to validate. And you'll also get to work through any troubleshooting related to installing Preciate in an integration or signing up with a specific provider (i.e.: Microsoft or Google). Secondly, you'll add recognitions to your organization's activity feed which will be the first thing your users see when they sign up. Now, when you launch with the rest of your organization, there will already be relevant content for them to view.


It's very important to take this time and confirm that Preciate works within your Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Web browsers the way you expect. Often times, IT is required to update permissions within your organization in order to let apps function properly. Identifying and resolving these issues before everyone tries to sign up is the best approach.


6. Set a Launch Date

By now, you're an expert at giving recognition and your activity feed is full of good vibes. The next step is to set a date to launch with the rest of your organization.



Once you've customized Preciate to fit your culture and feel confident in how to use Preciate, it's time to add the finishing touches before launch.


1. Upload all of your users to Preciate / Configure Active Directory Integration

Before you launch, it's important to upload all of your users into Preciate. This serves two purposes. One, having everyone already loaded means that anyone within your organization can give recognition to anyone else in your organization even if that person hasn't signed up yet. Two, it gives you the option of sending automated invitations to everyone to sign up. During this upload, you can also map individual users to the Locations, Departments, and Teams you created earlier in the process.

2. Determine if you will use the Preciate Live Feed

Preciate offers the ability to put a live feed of your organization's recognitions on your intranet or office televisions. To utilize this feature, provide the Live Feed Snippet to your IT department. They will need to add this snippet of code to your intranet site. Once there, any recognitions that happen will instantly be shown in that feed in real time. 


3. Decide if you will use Preciate's sign up emails

Preciate can automate the sign up process by sending emails to your users on your specified launch day as well as follow up emails over the following weeks. These emails are optional and fully customized. If you would like to use these emails, let your implementation lead know of any desired edits.


4. Communicate to your organization about your launch

At least a day before your launch, send an email to your company informing them about the launch. Take this time to let them know Preciate will be sending emails to sign up and to be expecting them. It will also be important to educate them on the importance of this program to your organization's culture and provide any instructions - i.e.: that you intend everyone to use Preciate's Microsoft Teams app, etc.


5. Confirm that any integrations are installed/working as expected

You should be aware of any issues with installing Preciate into Microsoft Teams or Slack after Build Your Base, but use this as a final check that everything is working as expected. Here are a few articles that cover our integration installations.


6. Launch!

After all the work you've put in, this should be a breeze. Your users will sign up, see the recognitions you've already created, and start giving their own. Your company Portrait and activity feed will continue to grow with all of the great culture that you've worked hard to create. Take a moment to reflect. You did this!


Recognition Success


7. Encourage your culture

After the launch, it's important to keep the great energy going. Ask your Culture Champions and organization's leaders to give one recognition a week. It only takes a few minutes, but the impact to your culture will last far longer. Having new recognitions from influential members of your organization will help to drive your users back to Preciate where they will see this behavior modeled. Before long, you will have a steady stream of recognitions week over week.


Evaluate, Adjust, and Leverage

Great cultures aren't built overnight. They're organic and living, and as with other living things require attention and care to thrive. 


1. Leverage reporting to understand trends and manage adoption

Preciate's reporting dashboard provides insight into trends across several dimensions. You can manage adoption by seeing who has signed up. Review individual user recognition both what he/she is staying to others as well as what others are saying about him/her. Understand which areas of your organization are active and which ones are not. Taking these insights, you can make the necessary adjustments to ensure your culture is being built the way intend. Below are some articles related to our reporting.

2. Publish your Company Portrait after 60 days

Company Portraits are private by default. We do this intentionally, as we believe it's important to take the necessary time to grow comfortable with Preciate and how your Portrait looks and feels. Publishing your Portrait has some amazing benefits outlined in the articles below, but we understand how scary it can also be. Coming in Summer of 2020, we'll be adding new features that provide even more control over your Portrait. Check out the articles below for more information.

More Company Portrait controls are coming Fall 2020.