How do I purchase Preciate Social for my team or organization?

To get unlimited access to Preciate Social, purchase Preciate Premium licenses for your organization.

In order to purchase Preciate Social, you have to buy Preciate Premium. Though you can always use the free tier to host Socials up to 40 minutes in length with maximum 20 participants, Premium gives you unlimited length Socials with up to 50 participants at a time.

Preciate Premium has a purchase minimum of 25 licenses. At $15/user/year, the minimum cost for a team or organization is $375/year. To purchase Preciate Premium, you can either reach out to us at, or you can go through the self-service checkout on the pricing page at your convenience.

Go to this article to see how to purchase Preciate Premium through the self-service checkout.

Due to very high demand for Preciate Social, we recommend purchasing through our convenient self-service checkout if you are looking to get started quickly with a license for fewer than 100 people.