How do I say thanks to a recognition?

When you receive a recognition on Preciate, say thanks by going to your To Do tab. Thank you stickers are a fun, optional addition!

Say Thanks on the Web:

Part of the way Preciate emphasizes relationship building through recognition is by including the "say thanks" feature. When you receive a recognition on Preciate, a notification will pop up in the form of a red number next to the "To Do" tab. In this case, your "to-do" is to say thanks to the recognition! Start by clicking into the To Do tab and then hitting the "Say Thanks" button underneath the recognition you want to say thanks to.  

You will then be able to scroll through the rest of the recognition detail, including any images, stickers, or signatures. Check out your recognition, and then continue by clicking the "Say Thanks" button. 


At this point, you can select a thank you sticker if you want. Scroll through the options and click the sticker you prefer. Then, hit the "Say Thanks" button to send the sticker. If you would rather omit the sticker, click "No Sticker."


Say Thanks on Mobile:

When you receive a recognition, say thanks by going to the "To Do" section under the Activity tab of your mobile application. Recognitions will be highlighted on the list. Tap the recognition and then tap "View Detail" to see the rest of your recognition.

say_thanks_mobile1say_thanks_mobile2 (1)

Scroll through to view your recognition's detail including text, images, stickers, signatures, and validations. Then, tap "Say Thanks" to continue. If you want to send a thank you sticker to the person who gave you the recognition, select the sticker you prefer and tap "Send Sticker." If you would rather omit a sticker, tap "No Sticker."

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