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How do I validate a recognition?

To let someone know you agree with their recognition, go to your To Do tab and agree with the recognition.

Being requested as a validator means that the person who sent that recognition thought you might agree with what they had to say. If you agree, go ahead and validate the recognition.

Validations on the Web: 

To validate a recognition on the web version of Preciate, start by going to your "To Do" tab. New validations will show up as a notification next to the To Do tab. Click the "Say Something Nice" button under the recognition you want to validate.


View the rest of the recognition detail including text, images, stickers, and signatures. Then, continue by clicking "Say Something Nice." 



Add any text you want to attach to your validation, and then click "Add" to complete your validation.say_something_nice_web_validation3-1

Validations on Mobile:

To validate a recognition on one of Preciate's mobile applications, first go to the To Do section of the Activity tab. Then, tap the recognition you would like to validate to open the recognition detail. Tap "Agree" or "Disagree" at the bottom of the recognition detail depending on if you agree or disagree with what the person had to say. Most of the time, people tend to agree with the positive messages!


If you want to attach a note to your validation, click "Add a note" and type your message. Finally, complete your validation by tapping "Finish."