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How does Preciate use email notifications to drive adoption and engagement?

Preciate uses emails to notify users of relevant activity as well as notify non-users when they are given a recognition or asked to validate.

Email notifications play an important role when it comes to keeping users engaged and aware of activity occurring within Preciate. A unique aspect of Preciate is that email is also used as a way to encourage adoption among your users and eliminate the limitations of your recognition system in the event some users do not sign up.  Below outlines the specific scenarios where email is used to notify your users.

Control is important. Users have robust email notification controls in their settings that apply to the scenarios below, and users always have the ability to unsubscribe to email notifications.

Emails to Non-Users

Preciate is unique in that a person does not need to be a user before being recognized. When someone gives a recognition to a connection and the connection is not already a member of Preciate, an email will be sent notifying him/her about the recognition. From there, he/she can navigate directly to the website and sign up. In this way, from the very beginning of your recognition program with Preciate, when only a few individuals have signed up, they will be able to give recognition to anyone within your organization even if they have not signed up yet. This also aids adoption as your users will be introduced to Preciate through a thoughtful and relevant event - receiving recognition from a colleague.

If a connection does not have an email address but does have a mobile number, a SMS message is sent notifying him/her about the recognition.

Specific emails sent to non-users:

  • When a recognition is given to someone who has not signed up yet.
  • When someone who has not signed up yet is asked to validate a recognition.

Emails to Users

Work responsibilities can often keep people busy, and sometimes it can be hard to remember to give recognition when there are a million things going on. This is where our email notifications can help. Detailed below are the specific emails that send to users based on activity within Preciate. Some emails are trigged when an action is required from the user while other emails notify the user about activity with their connections. Both cases work toward keeping your users engaged and aware of what's going on with Preciate, so you don't have to.

Specific emails to users:

  • When the user has received a recognition.
  • When the user has given a recognition and the recipient has said thanks
  • When the user has given a recognition and someone has validated it.
  • When the user has been requested to give a validation.
  • When the user has received a validation.
  • When the user has received a connection request.
  • When the user has requested a connection to someone and it was accepted.
  • A daily email if the user has a recognition or validation that has been liked.
  • A weekly email if the the user has activity within his/her company or connections.
  • When the user has pending items requiring action for more than one week such as: a recognition that has not been thanked, a validation request, or a connection request.

Each of these scenarios have user settings that can be managed by the individual users from their settings page.

Email Settings