How does the licensing for Preciate Social work?

Preciate Premium licenses give each licensee access to host unlimited Socials with up to 50 participants.

Preciate Social, our virtual socializing platform, can be used by anyone for free. At the free tier, Socials can be up to 40 minutes long with up to 20 participants at a time. 

To gain access to unlimited length Socials with up to 50 participants, you need to purchase Preciate Premium. This also gives you access to premium music channels and the entirety of the recognition platform functionality.

Preciate Premium requires a minimum purchase of 25 licenses, which at $15/user/year costs $375 for the whole year. This will give the purchaser and 24 other users the ability to host unlimited socials for the year.

Each licensee can host unlimited Socials with up to 50 participants per Social.

Guests who attend your socials do not need to pay anything or have a license. If a Social is hosted by a licensed Premium user, all guests attend for free.

If your organization has more than 25 people, you can choose who the licensed users are. Those will be the ones who can host unlimited Socials.

As a general rule, it is best to purchase a license for every person in your company who uses Preciate. 

Every licensed user will be able to host unlimited Socials, and many customers offer this as a benefit to their employees. Employees can use Preciate Social to host parties for their families and friends, too.

Throughout  the term of your license, we will review the number of people in your company who use Preciate, and we will contact you for recommendations on additional licensing.

For more information about pricing and licensing, check out our pricing page or reach out to us at