How much does Preciate cost?

Preciate is affordable at any budget, with three price tiers starting at free.


Preciate is designed to be accessible and affordable at any budget. That's why everyone can sign up and use Preciate for free for as long as they want. The free tier allows you to give and receive recognition, use the standard badges and stickers, and more.


Our mid-tier subscription, Preciate+, is the most popular. It costs $8/user/year (purchased in sets of 10), and it gives you access to features like reports and admin controls. These features provide added insight into culture and engagement, making Preciate+ a favorite amongst small teams and companies.


With Premium, you get all of Preciate+, plus add-ons like custom core value stickers, nominations, and special badges. A Premium subscription costs $15/user/year, which rivals many other employee recognition platforms you may look at. 


To get more information about pricing and features, check out our Pricing page. If you have specific questions or want to see how Preciate could work at your company, go ahead and request a demo.