How do I add Preciate to the side bar in Microsoft Teams?

Preciate can be added to the side bar of Microsoft Teams for all users in the organization from the Microsoft Admin Portal.

One important aspect of Preciate's Microsoft Teams app are its tabs. These tabs provide users with an easy way to check out their feed, connections, settings, etc. For more information on Preciate's tabs, check out this article: What are the Tabs in Preciate's Microsoft Teams app?

Microsoft Teams enables organizations to add apps directly to the side bar for easy access. Apps added to the side bar appear there for every user within the organization. Clicking the Preciate short cut on the side bar will open up the Preciate tabs. Follow the steps below to add Preciate to your side bar.

preciate side bar

Unless you have Administrator access for your organization's Office 365, you'll need IT's help to configure this.

  1. Log into your organization's Office 365 and go to the Admin Center.

  2. On the left side menu under "Admin centers," click "Teams."

    admin 2
  3. In the Teams Admin Center, expand Teams apps in the left side menu. Click "Setup policies."

    admin 3
  4. To update a policy that applies to your whole organization, select "Global (Org-wide default)" from the table.

    org wide
  5. The table "Pinned Apps" shows the apps that are currently on the side bar. Microsoft pre-loads useful apps that they've created. Click "Add apps" to add Preciate.

    pinned apps-1
  6. Search for Preciate in the search bar and click "Add."

    search preciate
  7. Now Preciate should be showing at the bottom of the Pinned apps table.
    added preciate
  8. Finally, click "Save," and you're all set. The Preciate app should now be showing on the side bar for all of your employees within Microsoft Teams.

It can take up to 24 hours for this change to take effect in your Microsoft Teams application.

preciate side bar