How do I create a company-wide recognition feed in Microsoft Teams?

A step-by-step guide on setting up a Microsoft Teams Connector to create a company-wide recognition Activity Feed directly within Microsoft Teams.

A Preciate Connector creates a company-wide recognition feed directly in a Microsoft Teams channel. Any recognition that happens within the company will appear in this feed no matter where the recognition was given within the Preciate System - Microsoft Teams, iOS, Android, Slack or the Web. 

To create a company-wide feed in a Microsoft Teams channel, complete the following steps:

NOTE: If you’re unable to perform any of these steps as outlined below, you may not have the appropriate permissions to set up a connector in Microsoft Teams. In this case, please coordinate with your IT department.

1. Select a channel where you want to add your company recognition feed. This is where you'll install a Preciate Connector.

2. From the drop down menu, select Connectors.


3. Search for Preciate and select Configure.


4. You will see a search bar and instructions to choose your company.  Search for your company and click Save.


5. After you click Save, you can see the Connector you just configured.


6. Now, whenever a recognition is given or received by a user from your company, the recognition will show up in this channel.