How to create Teams in Preciate?

Premium members can create Teams from the Members and Admin page in the Admin Portal.

Creating Teams for your organization is a great way to gain better insights from Preciate's reporting. Follow the steps below to create your Teams.

For more information about how you should set up your Locations, Departments, and Teams check out this article


On the Members and Admin page, click Teams.


LDT Overview


On the Teams page, you have the ability to add Teams via CSV file upload as well as remove Teams. 


The ability to add/edit individual Teams without CSV will be available Summer 2020.


In order to upload a CSV it's important to provide the correct format. Clicking here in the image below will download a CSV file with the correct format as well as example entry.






Use this template to create your Teams by filling in the relevant fields.

Only the Name field is required. The Description, Location Name, and Department Name can all be left blank. If left blank, the Team will be mapped to the Default Location and Default Department.


After you've added your Teams and saved the file as a CSV, drag and drop or click Browse to upload your file. If successful, you'll be presented with a pop up of your Teams with a check mark or X indicating if the Team was uploaded correctly. Clicking Ok or dismissing the pop up will refresh the table displaying your Teams.



You must upload a file that has a CSV file format and includes all of the column names as indicated on the template. Failure to adhere to the template will result in your Teams not being uploaded and you will receive an error message.


Once created, Teams will appear in the table at the bottom. You can remove any Team that you've created by clicking the Trash icon. 



You can upload a file as many times as you'd like. Teams will only be removed if you click the Trash icon. Uploading files with the same Team names will update the existing Teams' properties - Description, Location Name, and Department Name