How do I give recognition using Preciate's Slack app?

Use the "/preciate" slash command to give recognition with Preciate's Slack app.

Giving recognition in Slack is as easy to do as it is to remember. Simply use our /preciate slash command to get started.

From the message area, invoke the Preciate app by typing /preciate and hitting enter. This will initiate the giving recognition workflow.


You can use /preciate from any channel or chat within Slack, but messages will only post in the channel selected during installation.


Our app will receive your message and send you a form where you can select someone to recognize and add a note describing what they did. Adding a note is optional, but writing something here will only make the recognition that much better for the person receiving it.


You can only give a recognition to another team member and not a bot or yourself. 


After clicking "Next," you'll choose a Badge that best fits the recognition. Click "Choose" when you find one and wait for it to update before hitting "Submit."



If your company is a Premium member, your custom badges will also display here.


Now you're done! Your recognition will be posted in the channel selected when installing Preciate, and a direct message will be sent to the person you recognized, giving them the option to say thanks.

Recognition Message