How do I give recognition with Preciate in Microsoft Teams?

Preciate's message extension empowers you to give recognition in any chat or channel.

One of Preciate's best features in Microsoft Teams is its Message Extension. This feature empowers individuals to give recognition in any chat or channel without the Preciate app being installed ahead of time. Follow the steps below to give recognition in Microsoft Teams.

1. Search for Preciate from the Message Compose area detailed below.

TIP: Preciate can be pinned to your Message Compose area as indicated below with the red arrow. You can add it by right clicking on the app, or sometimes it is added automatically after using it, depending on your Microsoft Team settings.



2.  In the window that pops up, fill out the fields to give recognition. 

Screen Shot 2020-07-06 at 3.50.25 PM

3.  After hitting Give Recognition, you're presented with a preview of what the recognition message will look like. 

NOTE: The recognition has already been created and sent to its recipient within the Preciate system. This preview is only for the message that will be posted into the Microsoft Teams channel or chat.


Clicking Send will post the recognition message into the channel or chat. Clicking Edit will open up the Creator window again where you can choose another person to recognize. 



A recognition message cannot be posted into a 1:1 chat with another bot, and sometimes, if a person does not have permission to post into a specific chat, an error will appear here. An example of one is: "Unfortunately, it looks like your chat settings don't allow adding bots right now. Talk to the chat owner about adjusting your settings."


4. A recognition message is posted into the channel or chat! Congrats on spreading the good vibes and working to build stronger relationships.