How do I say thanks to a recognition in Slack?

Click the "Say Thanks" button and choose a sticker to say thanks to a recognition.

When someone gives you a recognition in Slack, the Preciate app will send you a direct message with the option to say thanks.

Click "Say Thanks."

Say Thanks


Then, the Preciate app will send you a pop up window where you can choose a thank you sticker. Click "Choose" and wait for it to update before clicking "Submit."



When you click "Submit," you'll see the message you received will be updated with your thank you sticker. At the same time, the recognition that was posted in your public channel will be updated to show that you said thanks and display the sticker you selected.


Your Direct Message

Said Thanks

Public Channel Message

Public Message Updated

If the Preciate app hasn't been added to the channel you installed it to during set up, the recognition message in the public channel will not update; however, you'll receive a message from Preciate alerting you.