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How to upload and invite many users?

You can upload a csv to add bulk users to your company.

Before you get ready to launch and roll out your recognition program, you'll want to upload all of your users. This could include upwards of hundreds or thousands of users, and simply inviting each one will not be reasonable. Additionally, once you load your users into the system, you'll need a way to invite them ad hoc or all at once to ensure users receive the sign up emails on your specific launch day.  Below outlines the steps on uploading a csv of users to your company as well as inviting them.


When you upload a csv of users, there aren't any emails that trigger automatically.  The uploaded users will be available within the Creator and will receive an email if someone gives them a recognition.


1.  From the Members and Admin page of the Admin portal, you can upload a csv by clicking the button Upload Members. Clicking the bolded here as indicated in the image below will download a csv template that you must use when uploading your csv.

2.  Click here to download the csv and add your users to it. You'll also notice that you can map your users to their location, department, or team directly from this csv.



To map users to locations, departments, and teams they need to be created before any users can be mapped to them. Failing to do so will map each user to the default entry for each.


3. Upload your csv by clicking Upload Members and selecting the csv from the options. A table will be displayed with the results and will indicate if successful or not. Hovering over the check mark or x on the far right will display the status message.



4. After users are uploaded, they will appear in the members table under pending invites (assuming they were not already active users). From this view, you can invite each one individually or at once using the buttons depicted here.  You may also note, that you can change what Team each user is mapped to under the Team column.


5. Finally, clicking Invite All will open a pop up where you can choose to invite everyone or resend invites in bulk.