I want to publish our Company Portrait, but I want more control.

More control over Company Portraits is coming...

Company Portraits provide a powerful way for you to showcase your amazing culture. They accumulate the recognition activity occurring within your company and display it in a fun and interesting collage. This page is available for your organization's users but also has the potential to be used for far more. When set to public, your Company Portrait becomes visible to anyone and will be indexed by Google for people searching to learn more about your culture. Your Company Portrait has many uses cases as outlined in this article - What is my Company Portrait?

However exciting and interesting Company Portraits are to us, we also understand how scary it can be to open the door for anyone to look in. That's why Preciate will be releasing more controls over Company Portraits in the coming months. These controls and workflows will give you the power to curate your Company Portrait with the specific recognition content that you choose. Our hope is that these new features provide the safety and security you deserve so that you can also reap the benefits that come with showcasing the awesome culture that you work so hard to create.


New Company Portrait controls are estimated for Summer 2020.