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Known Issues for Preciate

Here are some of the known issues users have experienced with Preciate and how to work around them while our fixes are put in place!

Known Issues

1.  While powering an external monitor with your laptop or using Sidecar with an iPad, you may experience other user's videos freeze.  You may also experience jerky movement as you move around the room. This is related to your laptop working to power the other device, which leads to less resources spent on UI updates in the browser.  To resolve this issue: disconnect from the external monitor/Sidecar or use a docking station.

2.  Enabling the app, YouCam, while using Preciate has reportedly caused issues, including not allowing you to access your camera and microphone settings and, therefore, not allowing you to access Preciate. 

3.  With the recent macOS Safari 15 update that came out on 9/20/2021, there is a bug that degrades video performance within a Preciate room.  Upgrading to macOS Safari 15.1 will resolve the issue; however, it is only available on the newer macOS Monterey. If you are unable to upgrade, please use one of our approved browsers or an earlier version of Safari (version 14 or below) for an optimal experience.

4.  When attending a large event with connected rooms, you may experience the UI of your browser tab freezing if you move between the rooms constantly for several minutes. This is a rare occurrence as most users would not need to hop between rooms in this way. The freezing is related to the way your browser recycles unused visual elements. To resolve this issue: refresh your browser and re-enter the room.

5.  Sometimes the UI layout of a room will appear oddly for users and look more like a mobile or tablet layout. It may appear with the options menu taking up the full screen or the media buttons in the lower left hand corner being located directly in the bottom center.  This occurs most often with external monitors or when the browser is not full screen.  It is caused by a bug related to device responsiveness. To resolve this issue: ensure that your browser is set to full screen to reduce the likelihood of encountering this.

6.  If during a presentation, a user (presenter or presentee) loses their connection momentarily and reconnects, he/she will hear the room music playing after he/she reconnects. This music will play while the presentation is still in progress; however, the control to mute the music will not be accessible. This can be distracting and cause difficulty in viewing the presentation.  To resolve this issue: refresh your browser and rejoin the room.

7.  Sometimes when multiple users are invited to present, some of the presenter videos do not appear for the other presenters. Instead the other presenters see a dark rectangle, but they are able to hear the presenter. Additionally, presentees are able to see all presenters.  To resolve this issue: end the presentation and restart the presentation.

8.  Sometimes when turning on bluetooth headphones you are unable to hear other users but other users are able to hear you. This usually happens when turning on your bluetooth headphones while joining the room, but it can happen if you turn on headphones once you are in the room. While we work on a solution to this issue, you can resolve the issue with the following steps: click the caret on the microphone button in the lower left corner of your screen, select a new microphone input - you can toggle between two if your desired input is currently selected. You should then hear the other users and music in the room. If this does not work, please try turning your headphones off and on again until it is resolved.  

9.  On rare occasions, while presenting a presenter may experience two overlapping UIs. When this happens, the audience chairs and presenter rectangle are duplicated resulting in the presenter being unable to view themselves.  To resolve the issue: end the presentation and restart the presentation.

10.  Sometimes, it is possible for a user to join and not be seen or heard by others around them. When this happens the user will appear to others as a bubble with initials or a profile picture but there will not be any mute icons present on the bubble. This bug is related to a timing issue with the media subscriptions. To resolve this issue: refresh and rejoin the room. 

11.  Sometimes when you join a room, your user may appear at the center of the room instead of your correct spawn location until you move. When you move, your user will quickly move across the room to a specific location. This is more likely to happen in rooms with many users and items.  To resolve this issue: move your user using your mouse or arrow keys to move you to the correct location within the room.

12.  If you are in a room and make your browser window small, your mini map will not display users and items correctly within the room. It will appear as if the mini map is empty and it will overlap with the other UI media buttons located in the lower left hand side of the screen. To resolve this issue: increase the size of your browser window and the mini map will function normally again.

13.  If you sign up on the web using Continue with Apple, you will be prompted to add a first and last name as Apple does not provide us with this information. When you click submit, the modal will not dismiss or save the information.  

14.  On rare occasions, if you are the first one to join a room you may not receive indications that other users have joined the room. This results in your user not seeing or hearing anyone and the other users in the room not seeing or hearing you. To resolve this issue: refresh and rejoin the room.


If you experience any issues not listed above, please report them to support@preciate.com