Known Issues for Preciate Social

Here are some of the known issues users have experienced with Preciate Social and how to work around them while our fixes are put in place!

Known Issues

1.  While powering an external monitor with your laptop or using Sidecar with an iPad, you may experience other user's videos freeze.  You may also experience jerky movement as you move around the room. This is related to your laptop working to power the other device, which leads to less resources spent on UI updates in the browser.  To resolve this issue: disconnect from the external monitor/Sidecar or use a docking station.

2.  The Photo Booth feature does not currently work when the background of the room is Preciate or with some custom backgrounds.  While our team works on a solution, if you have questions about if the Photo Booth feature will work with your custom background, please email 

3.  Using the Presenter feature in a large event (greater than 100 people), requires a powerful computer such as a MacBook Pro - powered by an M1 chip.  If you attempt to presenter without a powerful computer during a large event, you may experience freezing as the presenter.  To resolve freezing: refresh your browser and rejoin the room.

4.  Sometimes while giving a toast, the notification that contains the button - End Toast may disappear.  This is related to multiple notifications conflicting and can cause someone to get stuck in Toast mode. To resolve this issue: refresh your browser and re-enter the room.


If you experience any issues not listed above, please report them to