Licensing for Preciate Social Presence

Curious about user roles and license types in your admin portal? Read below for more information!

Accessing your Admin Portal

In order to reach your admin portal, just log into Preciate, click on your profile picture in the top left-hand corner, and select 'Admin'


This should take you to the user management tab where you, as the administrator of your organization, will be able to:

Managing Available Licenses

From the admin portal, you are able to see how many available licenses your organization has.

You will also have the ability to purchase new licenses as you deem necessary. If you are interested in purchasing additional licenses, please contact sales at

Inviting Users

Inviting users is as simple as clicking on the 'Invite' button on the user management tab of your admin portal and filling out the necessary information. Once you enter the email address for the users you are adding, select a user role and license type, and send the invitations out!

If you are trying to upload many users at once, click here to learn about inviting users via CSV Upload.

User Roles

In Preciate there are two user roles that can be assigned to new users by an administrator. These two roles are:

  • Member - Regular day-to-day users. Members with a license can access their Recordings and Reports, but cannot provision available licenses or make changes to the account
  • Admins - Power users and account managers who are responsible for inviting new users and provisioning licenses. These users also have access to organization Recordings, Reports, Integrations, Billing, and Account information

User roles can be updated at any time, should the need arise. 

License Types

In the Preciate admin portal, you have the ability to select whether a user has a license or is simply a member belonging to your organization. These two categories are listed as:

  • Basic - Basic Licenses are equal to a Free License.  That means the user can still use the platform but is limited to 40 mins per meeting and can only have one saved room. There is a number of reasons you may want to do this, including hosting events exclusive to verified members of your organization. 

In order to host events exclusive to verified members of your organization, they must all have active Preciate accounts but do not require paid licenses. 

  • Licensed - These are users that have been provisioned a license. They can create rooms and host events in Preciate. 

Provisioning Additional Licenses

Once your users are in the system, you are able to provision additional licenses by clicking on their names in your members List. When you do, a modal will appear. This modal will allow you to edit the number of Room licenses and Connected Room licenses that a user has from your account total. 

The number of licenses that a user has is equal to the number of Preciate rooms that a user can have open at one time. Some examples of this below:

  • A user in your organization typically hosts a company lunch room used for virtual networking during lunch breaks at 12 PM. However, they are in charge of leading a new hire training meeting at the same time. Since two rooms need to be open at one time, the admin on the account can access the admin portal to provision an additional license to the user.
  • A user in your organization is hosting a large all-hands event that exceeds the maximum capacity for a Preciate room (300). Your organization has purchased a pack of connected room licenses and you know that for your event, you will need at least 3 connected rooms. To facilitate this, the admin on the account must go to the admin portal, click on the user, and provision the corresponding number of connected room licenses.
  • A user is hosting a large recruiting event in Preciate with different department hiring managers in respective rooms. While these rooms do not need to be connected, they need to be open at the same time. As the admin on the account, you can provision the number of licenses necessary to accommodate multiple rooms being open at the same time. 

For more information on Connected Rooms licenses, click here.