How to prepare your network for Preciate events.

A helpful guide for IT Administrators configuring their network for Preciate.

To provide High Quality events, you should configure your network so that Preciate can easily and efficiently communicate with Preciate’s infrastructure. Failure to follow the below steps may result in a degraded experience for your users. Examples include poor video and audio quality during events and/or users experiencing zero video and audio from each other while in a Preciate Social room.


Step 1: Update your firewalls to allow media traffic to flow to and from your organization

  • For optimal quality, Preciate uses UDP for media (audio and video) on outbound and inbound traffic.
  • If UDP ports are blocked, TCP will be used over port 443. 


Sustained use of TCP or TLS by any participant can degrade overall quality.


Step 2: Allow access to Preciate uniform resource identifiers (URIs)

The core Preciate services need full network access. If there are restrictions or filtering policies for users on your network, give network access to the following URI patterns using port 443.

  • *

Twilio is a service provider that we utilize when UDP ports are blocked and media traffic must be routed via TCP.  For a list of IP addresses that they use, please refer to their help document: