How to prepare your network for Preciate

A helpful guide for IT Administrators configuring their network for Preciate.

To provide High Quality events, you should configure your network so that Preciate can easily and efficiently communicate with Preciate’s platform. Failure to follow the below steps may result in a degraded or broken experience for your users. When Enterprise Networks are not configured for Preciate, users are often prevented from participating. They experience their audio and video media being blocked or are prevented from connecting to a room. To ensure that your employees can easily and successfully participate in Preciate meetings and events, follow the steps below.


Step 1: Allow access to Preciate uniform resource identifiers (URIs)

The core Preciate services need full network access. If there are restrictions or filtering policies for users on your network, give network access to the following URI patterns using port 443. Preciate uses both https and web-socket connections over port 443.

  • *

Step 2: Update your firewalls to allow media traffic to flow to and from your organization

  • Preciate uses UDP over a random port for media (audio and video) on outbound and inbound traffic. This protocol provides for the Highest Optimal experience.
  • If this is not possible, please complete Step 3 to allow TCP traffic.

Sustained use of TCP or TLS is a less optimal protocol and can degrade overall quality for the participant.


Step 3: Allow access to Preciate's TURN Service provider.

When it is impossible for a user to connect directly to our platform via UDP over a random port, the user must connect directly through our TURN Service provider, Twilio, in order to successful join the room. This generally provides a lower quality experience due to the type of protocol and increased latency; however, due to internal network security policies, it may be the only option. To configure access, allow access to and from the following uniform resource identifiers (URIs), ports, and static ip addresses.  


Uniform resource identifiers (URIs)



  • 443
  • 3478 (TCP and UDP)
  • 5349 TCP

Static Ip Addresses


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