What are the Tabs in Preciate's Microsoft Teams app?

Tabs bring the full function of Preciate's web app directly into Microsoft Teams.

Preciate tabs are web pages that are framed within Microsoft Teams. This lets people working in Microsoft Teams remain in Microsoft Teams when using Preciate's broad web functionality. To get to Preciate's tabs, select Preciate from the left side bar.


Once you select Preciate, you'll be taken into the Preciate Tabs.



Preciate has the following tabs.


1.  Feed  

This tab shows a list of all of the recognition happening within your connections and company.  You can add stickers to recognitions by clicking the Sticker icon. You can also respond to recognitions by Saying Thanks to any recognitions you’ve received.  You’ll find these on the To Do section.

2.  Creator 

This tab is where you can give recognition.

3.  Portrait  

This tab shows your portrait. A portrait is a unique - collage style - collection of your recognitions.

4.  Company Portrait 

This tab shows your company portrait.

5.  Connections

This tab is where you can view your connections and groups, as well as add a connection or add a group.  To add a group, click the Add Group button. A group must have a name, description, and at least one user.  You can also choose to add a picture. After you create a group, this group will be searchable in the Creator tab.  You can then give recognition to your group in the same way you give recognition to one of your connections.

6.  Settings 

This tab lets you update your settings such as personal information, your password, and your personal privacy settings.