What do connections do if my company uses Preciate?

Company users are connected and users can manually add personal connections.

One of the unique aspects of Preciate is that our platform supports recognition that flows across boundaries. In the modern workplace, more and more companies/organizations are part of teams that consist of people in different organizations. Whether your members are working with consultants, contractors or even customers and clients, more and more people are collaborating, working hard and celebrating project success together. With that, we think it makes sense to provide a way for these teams to also give recognition and strengthen their relationships too. Any user can manually add a connection with a name and email and use that connection to give a recognition. See this article on adding connections.

Tip: To learn how Preciate's privacy controls protect your data when someone gives a recognition to someone outside your company, check out this article.

When a connection is added manually, there is no notification to the connection. A connection will only receive a notification in the event the connection is given a recognition or asked to validate.


For companies in the Preciate system, users will be automatically connected. Within Preciate, being connected means the following things: you can see their Portraits, your connections' activity will appear in your feed, and you can easily give recognition to anyone in your company without having to add them yourself.

When a user leaves a company, his/her company connections are removed.

Users within companies will be connected automatically by the end of June 2020. Until then, email support@preciate.org or work with your implementation lead to request your company users be connected.