What happens if I go over the number of subscription licenses I purchased?

If more people from your company join Preciate than the number of licenses you've purchased, we will bill you for the overage until you update your subscription.

If your company goes over the number of subscription licenses you purchased, we will start by billing you for the overage. We will also ask you to update your subscription to accurately reflect the number of people from your company who have signed up for Preciate. 

The following steps outline the process of updating your subscription in this way.

Add Licenses to Your Preciate Subscription

Start by navigating to the Admin portal. Click the profile icon in the upper right corner of preciate.org and select your company Admin page from the dropdown menu.

company admin dropdown menu preciate-1

Then, select "Account & Billing" from the left side menu of the Admin portal.

account and billing in admin portal menu-1 

This will open the subscription management and payment portal. From here, click into your existing subscription.

preciate+ subscription management portal


Click "Edit Subscription."

edit subscription for preciate+ to premium upgrade


Finally, add the number of licenses you need. This can be done by typing the number you want or by using the "+" and "-" buttons.

Click "Update Subscription" to make the changes in the system.

update subscription - preciate+ to premium - 2

Preciate Premium licenses are purchased in groups of 10. Preciate+ licenses can be purchased individually.