What happens when users leave my organization in Preciate?

Users can exist with or without organizations in Preciate.

In most recognition systems, every user belongs to an organization, but with Preciate, users can also exist on the platform without any associated organization. While the majority of users belong to organizations, our mission as a Public Benefit Corporation is to help people build stronger relationships and providing a free version of Preciate where anyone can sign up and give recognition supports that mission. 

As an organization, you have control over your users when it comes to the overall experience they have within Preciate (badges, activity feed controls, etc) as well as what content can be seen on their Portraits (privacy controls). You can also manage your users by inviting and removing people from your organization. The one item of distinction with Preciate is what happens when a user is removed from Preciate. 

When a user is removed from your organization, his/her account remains active within Preciate as a free account not associated with any organization. This allows the user to have a private free account that can be used moving forward personally or professionally. Your organization's badges and stickers would no longer be available nor would your organizations' users (unless explicitly added by them). It is important to note that any activity that occurred with this user while he/she was at your organization is still subject to the privacy settings your organization had enabled during that time. This means that if your privacy settings were set to Keep All Company Content Private then those recognitions would still not show on his/her Portrait as they "belong" to the organization. 


When privacy settings are enabled, Organization content stays private even after users leave their organization within Preciate. For more information on how Preciate keeps your organization's content safe, check out this article.