What information can Preciate see when I sign up?

Preciate only requests necessary information from third party providers to create an account.

Security and privacy are areas that Preciate takes very seriously. Because of this Preciate only requests the basic information needed during sign up to create a user's profile. To provide an easy way to sign up with Preciate, we've added Sign Up with Apple, Microsoft, and Google. When you sign up with one of these providers, they give us some information about you, so that we can save you the trouble of filling out your profile. We only receive basic profile information for the signed in user. Below are a list of properties we receive and use to create your Preciate profile.


When you sign up, Preciate does not gain access to view any company information outside of the basic profile information of the signed in user. 


Information received from third party providers:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Title - Microsoft Only
  • Profile Picture - Microsoft Only
  • Names and emails of closest co-workers - Microsoft Only - these individuals are only added to your connections list so that you can easily recognize the people you work closest with. They are not notified nor are they contacted by Preciate for any marketing purposes.