What is a Company Portrait?

Each company with a Preciate user gets a Company Portrait, which is a single page where recognitions given by employees are organized in a collage-style display.

Access your company Portrait with the profile icon dropdown menu in the upper right corner of the page. In the example below, the user's company is Preciate.

Dropdown menu Company Portrait


Then, you will see your company's Portrait. This is where recognitions given and received by employees at the company will be displayed. Over time, a collage will be built with recognitions, pictures, signatures, and badges. 




Company Portraits provide a unique opportunity to showcase a positive company culture. With privacy settings accessed through Preciate+ and Premium, companies can choose whether their Portrait is public or private. Once a substantial Portrait has been built, making it public can be used as a way to recruit talent who align with the company culture.


Who is the Audience for a Preciate Portrait?

  1. JOB CANDIDATES. The most valuable job candidates are aware that they are more desirable than an average candidate. During the job search process, they are more selective with the companies they choose and prioritize culture. 
  2. PROSPECTIVE CUSTOMERS. Prospective customers look online for information to help them determine what it will be like to work with your people.
  3. MEDIA. A positive company culture provides supporting data on why your company is outperforming the competition.
  4. INVESTORS AND BANKS. Financial analysts understand that companies with better employee engagement perform better. Evidence 0f your company's positive culture increases your company's value.
  5. CURRENT EMPLOYEES. Your people want to feel good about their employer, and they want family and friends to know how great your company is.