What is my Portrait?

Your Individual Portrait is a single, collage-style page where the recognitions you give and receive are compiled, telling the story of you.

Each Preciate user gets an Individual Portrait. This is a single page where all the recognitions you give and receive exist in a collage-style display.  

To get to your Portrait, click the profile icon dropdown menu and select "Portrait."




This will take you to your Individual Portrait. Here you will find the text of recognitions you gave and received, images from those recognitions, signatures, stock images, and quotes. An example of an Individual Portrait is pictured below.


Over time, your Portrait will get populated with recognitions. In this way, it tells the story of who are you, the good you do, and the way you contribute to communities. 

Then, you can share your Portrait with others. Whether you're a student applying to jobs straight out of college or an employee switching companies, your Preciate Portrait can come with you wherever you go. Simply copy the link and let your recognitions do the rest!