What is the difference between Easy Host and Power Host for Preciate Social?

Easy Host is our first, more affordable pricing tier for Preciate Social, and Power Host is the higher pricing tier with ultimate customization.

Preciate Social has two paid pricing tiers: Easy Host and Power Host. Read below to learn the specific differences between the two.

Easy Host

The Easy Host plan is great for teams or organizations who want the ability to connect on our virtual socializing platform as much as they want. This plan costs $12.99/host/month billed annually; visit our pricing page for more.

With the Easy Host plan, licensed users can create Rooms with up to 100 participants at a time. They can also choose from our 10 premium music channels, which have something for everyone.

Overall, Easy Host gives hosts:

  • Unlimited socials of any length
  • Maximum 100 participants in 2 rooms
  • 10 premium music channels
  • Featured live performers and speakers
  • Access to Preciate Social community events
  • Chat and email support

Power Host

The Power Host plan is ideal for hosts with large group, brand, or customization requirements. Hosts can open 6 virtual Rooms simultaneously, which allows more than 100 people to attend an event. This plan also opens up the possibility for additional services such as a custom background theme, custom web page to coordinate room entry, dedicated live support, and more.

Here are the main features associated with the Power Host plan:

  • Host 6 Rooms simultaneously with 300 people
  • Home page for multi-room events*
  • Custom background theme*
  • Event integration assistance*
  • Dedicated live support for attendees*
  • Ultimate support

*Available additional service, prices may vary