What is the difference between Free, Plus, and Premium?

Preciate is affordable at any budget. Learn the difference between the three pricing tiers: Free, Plus, and Premium.

In this article, we will go over some of the key differences between each pricing tier. For more information about pricing, visit the pricing page or contact us at sales@preciate.com.

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The Free tier is great for teams or organizations with a small budget but who still want to engage their people with recognition and virtual socialization.

Give and receive recognition on the web, Microsoft Teams, Slack, iOS, and Android. Build your Portrait and spark inspiration with an organization-wide activity feed.

Host 40 minute Socials with up to 20 participants at a time. Customize your events with nine free music channels and ten background themes.



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With Plus, get everything on the Free tier plus additional ways to express your organization's culture and gain insights with reporting.

On the Plus tier, the Preciate team will assist with the launch of Preciate in your organization. This can be helpful for teams who need a little extra boost of motivation.

One of the biggest perks is gaining access to Preciate's robust reporting suite. With leaderboards, core value reports, and more, you can learn valuable things about your organization.



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Preciate Premium is our most popular tier, and for good reason. On the recognition side, you get full customization options with custom badges, stickers, email engagement workflows, reports, and more. 

With Premium licenses, you get access to unlimited length Socials with up to 50 participants at a time. Plus, you can listen to premium music channels together!

This pricing tier is great for teams or organizations who want the full Preciate experience for the low cost of $15/user/year.