What's the difference between badges and stickers?

A recognition can have multiple stickers but only one badge.

One of the key benefits of a Premium subscription is the ability to custom your company's badges and stickers. When deciding how to customize these it's important to understand the differences between them.


A recognition badge is one of the most prominent elements within Preciate and should be used to emphasize the core values and behaviors that your organization values. Every recognition that is given has only one badge, and that badge is selected by the person giving the recognition. When a person gives a recognition, the badge he or she chooses reflects the core values that the person receiving the recognition has exhibited. 

Badges values

Badges also display prominently throughout the platform on the activity feed, portrait, and integrations.

Badge display

Badges can also be tracked with data reporting to see who has received and given the most of each badge.

If you're looking to drive engagement and performance, creating custom badges that align to your specific company values is a recommended approach.


Whereas a badge is required for each recognition that is given, a sticker is optional. Stickers are also unique in that a recognition can have many stickers, and they can be given by others after the recognition is given. The two places where a sticker can be given is from the Creator and from the Activity Feed.

sticker locations

Since a sticker can be added to any recognition from the Activity Feed, a custom sticker can be a great way for other employees in your company to add to a recognition even if they weren't directly involved. In the example above, one of our custom core value stickers was added to this recognition and further emphasizes that the person receiving it exhibited our value.

Core value stickers can also be tracked using our Core Value Report and will let you see what Core Values are trending in your organization as well as who the top givers and receivers are for each one.

Custom stickers can be used to track specific behaviors, and reporting can drive manual workflows such as company specific rewards.