Why can't I move in a Preciate Social Room?

Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move around the Room.

To move around Preciate Social Rooms, you need to use the arrow keys located on your keyboard. If you find that you're unable to move when you press and hold your keys, below are a couple things that may be happening:

  • If your keyboard is bluetooth, check to make sure that it is properly synced with your machine.
  • Movement can be impacted by internet connection. If your network connection is slow and on a signal with low bandwidth your movement may be delayed. This can lead to periods of no movement followed by swift movements. Please ensure that your internet connection is strong enough.

If you're still unable to move and the above situations do not apply, please refresh the browser and rejoin the Room. If you continue to experience issues with movement, please reach out to support@preciate.com.