Why did my recognition show up twice in my Microsoft Teams channel?

Giving recognition in a Microsoft Teams channel where a Preciate Connector is installed can make it appear that it was given twice.

A Preciate Connector is a feature that creates a company-wide recognition feed inside a Microsoft Teams channel. Whenever a recognition is given by someone within a company, Preciate sends that recognition to each connector that is configured for that specific company. This means that if a recognition is given using the iOS, Android, Web, Slack, or Microsoft Teams app, it will be sent into the Microsoft Teams channel where the connector is configured. All of our platforms feed recognitions into these connectors even if they originate within Microsoft Teams. If a user gives a recognition within a channel that has a connector installed, the recognition will be posted by the user as well as posted by the connector. This makes it look like the recognition was given twice within Preciate, but it was only given once. 

Below are two examples of what a recognition looks like if posted by a connector or a user.

If the recognition showing twice appears like the one below, then the recognition only appears twice in that Microsoft Teams channel and nowhere else in Preciate.


Connector Recognition Message

Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 1.25.34 PM

User Recognition Message