Why should I set up a Preciate Connector?

Installing a Preciate Connector makes it easier for your company to view recognition activity directly in Microsoft Teams.

Setting up a Preciate Connector is a great way to bring the complete Preciate experience into Microsoft Teams. Instead of leaving the channels and going to the Preciate Tabs to view your activity feed, any recognition activity happening within your company can be fed directly into a channel. 

The best way to do this is with the following steps:

NOTEIf you’re unable to perform any of these steps as outlined below, you may not have the appropriate permissions within Microsoft Teams. In this case, please coordinate with your IT department.


1. Create a company-wide recognition team.

2. Configure the team using Microsoft Teams' prompts.

You may have the option to create a team that automatically grants access to the entire organization. If you select this option, then you will not need to manually invite everyone to the team. Selecting the other options will require you to invite each person. 

TIP: If your company has a large number of employees, coordinate with your IT department to get help adding people to the team. IT administrators have less time intensive methods for adding large groups of individuals to specific teams.


3. Choose a name and description for your team that makes it easy for your employees to know it's a company-wide team using Preciate.name-1

4. Create a channel named “Your company name” Preciate Feed.
Add Channel-1
5. Install the Preciate Connector. Use our article "How to Create a Company-wide Recognition Feed within Microsoft Teams?" for a step-by-step guide on installing a Preciate Connector.

6. Invite your entire company to the team.

Depending on the configuration options available to you when creating this team, you may not have to invite each person individually.

addMembers7. Watch the good vibes go!