Why won't my recognitions show anywhere in Slack?

If recognition messages aren't showing in Slack, your Preciate app is not set up correctly.

The purpose of using the Preciate app within Slack is to make it easy for people to see the good vibes happening in your workspace. If recognition messages aren't being posted in a channel within your workspace, the Preciate app is not configured correctly. For steps on installing and setting up the Preciate app, see this article.

The two main reasons that Preciate would not be able to post recognitions into a channel are:

1. Preciate was installed into a Private channel, Direct Message, or Group Message.

In that case, you should have received the below message when installing Preciate. 


Private Channel Error

You'll need to re-install Preciate into your workspace and make sure that you choose a public channel. The image below shows what it looks like when a private channel is selected. You can tell by the lock icon in the red rectangle. Selecting a channel like the one below will result in Preciate being unable to post recognitions into that channel.


Private Channel Permission

2. Preciate is not a member of the channel. 

If Preciate is not a member of a public channel, the app can still post recognition messages into the channel. However, when someone says thanks to a recognition, Preciate cannot update the message with the thank you sticker. When this happens, the person saying thanks will see a message like the one below. To resolve this issue, simply invite Preciate to the channel where your recognition messages are posted.


Update Error

You can do this by navigating to the channel and typing @preciate in the message area and hitting enter. This will open a window where you can invite Preciate to the channel. Once Preciate is added to the channel, it will be able to update messages whenever a sticker is added.


Invite to Channel