Why can't I join the Social?

Some common reasons you may not be able to join a Preciate Social are not having permission to enter, using an unsupported web browser, or attempting to use a mobile phone/tablet.

There are several common reasons why users may be unable to join a Preciate Social. Join settings dictate who can and cannot join, some popular web browsers are not supported currently, and there is no application for use on mobile phones or tablets at this time.

Join Settings & Permissions

When a host creates a Preciate Social, they have the opportunity to secure their Social by selecting from a variety of join settings. The loosest setting is "Only users with the link can join." If you know the Social has this join setting enabled, you should be able to join with a supported web browser. 

On the other hand, the host may have chosen a setting like "Only my Connections can join." In this case, you will not be able to join the Social unless you meet the requirement. Someone may send you the link to the Social, but without the proper permissions, you will be denied entry.

join settings for preciate social

Web Browser

Preciate Social is currently operational on Google Chrome and Firefox. If you attempt to use Preciate Social on another browser, you may have issues joining a Social. 

Mobile Phones and Tablets

As of now, Preciate Social does not have its own application for mobile phones or tablets, nor is it integrated into our existing iOS, Android, MSTeams, or Slack applications. 

At this time, Preciate Social is available for use on a supported web browser on a computer exclusively.